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90 Points Suitcase 1A 20inches

  • Name£º 90 Points Suitcase 1A 20inches

Detailed Description

Original Xiaomi Mi Trolley 90 Points Suitcase 20"

Main Features:
- PC material + 3-layer composite compressive structure, with higher strength
- Great rebound elasticity, not easy to deform
- Honeycomb pattern, beautiful and scratch-resistant
- 4 segments to adjust, fits most people
- Thickened aluminium alloy drawbars, with anodizing processing, wear resistant and not easy to lose colour
- TPE material for wheels, highly elastic, shockproof, durable, noiseless
- Large capacity, with multi-layer design, convenient for you to take necessity while travelling
- TSA coded lock, which is necessary for the smooth clearance of your luggage by the customs officer. you can put the valuables into the suitcase trustingly

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