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    Location£º Shenzhen
    Wages£º Negotiable
    Hiring£º 5
    Sex£º Female
    Age Requirement£º Age 18-30
    Conditions require£º Responsible, Self-motivated, Good at Communication and Learning.
    Job description£º

    Job description:
    1. Responsible for daily maintenance of  company"s B2B platform and related foreign trade sites.
    2. Customers" mail processing, customer development, follow-up, customer relationship maintenance, etc..
    3. Responsible for the daily data translation, classification and finishing.

    Job requirements:
    1. Familiar with the use of OFFICE software, skilled use of the Internet to find customers, familiar with the B2B business website and operation, with wealth of online marketing experience,and independent development of customer experience.
    2. With strong language organizational ability, good sales skills, hard-working quality and meticulous work style.
    3. Educated from formal institutions of college, passed CET-4 (including).
    4. With lively personality, cheerful, active, with working enthusiasm.
    5. Occupation good moral and personal qualities, with strong working enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, diligent in thinking, good at communication skills, can work under pressure.
    6. Welcome new graduates to join us, we provide the corresponding training to ensure that you can work in normal as soon as possible.

    Company free accommodation. Structure salary + commission + performance bonus. Work time is 6 days.

    Our company will provide staff with a broad space for development and competitive benefits. Our goal is to use good people, keep people, develop people. Welcome you to join us, we are here waiting for you!!!